Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Havok Returns to X-Factor!

As part of Marvel's almost-daily teasers showing what the X-titles will look like after Schism (dubbed Regenesis) we are shown that Peter David's X-Factor will not only continue, but bring about a reunion of David's classic run by bringing back Havok and Polaris.

This is pretty frakkin' sweet. It also appears that Havok and the team will be on Wolverine's side once the dust settles in the current team conflict. I can't wait to read how David reorganizes the team. Is Madrox still in charge? Is Rachel going to join X-Factor? Will Quicksilver or Val Cooper make an appearance to complete the set? The current cast is already rather large, but I honestly don't want anyone to be let go (except maybe Pip.) Regardless, it's very possible no one has written Alex Summers as well as PAD. Best. News. Ever.

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