Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Week's Comics

It appears to be a relatively light list this week, fortunately for my bank account. However I have been known to be a complete sucker for $1 comic bins and chotchkis by the counter (got my eye on a sweet Mjolnir keychain.)

Take a jump for my picks of the week.

Batman Incorporated #8:  After a long haitus, this title returns, just in time to take another break and come back in 2012, somehow free from any effect of the DC Universe Relaunch. I guess it pays to be Grant Morrison. Cool cover though.

Flashpoint Minis: Project Superman #3, Lois Lane & The Resistance #3 and Kid Flash Lost #3:  While the ending to several of these tie-ins have been rather dissapointing, effectively making them unimportant and referring you back to the main event story, I'm still interested in how some of these wrap up. Especially because my favorite writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are on Lois Lane, and I have a soft spot for Bart Allen, who has been graced with being one of the few Flashpoint characters who remember our world.

Teen Titans #100: Pretty relieved this run is finally over. It's been considerably weak, but I like me a good #100 issue, especially cause we're gonna see a big Teen Titans reunion with all the previous members fighting Superboy Prime (wait, last time that happened, not everyone survived.) Considering most of DC's comics this month don't matter, what with the universe changing soon and the new Teen Titans book looking like a weird 90s comic, I'm kinda hoping they throw the kitchen sink at us here. Plus, the final pages of Tim Drake as the Red Robin I know and love.


Astonishing X-Men #41:  I don't like this title. Haven't liked it since Joss Whedon's run. However, I'm completely incapable of NOT buying an X-title. It's a weakness. Also, one doesn't get to see Hisako/Armor in action much anymore.

FF #8: After a couple of months of strange deviations, retelling stories that I already read in War of Kings, Hickman finally brings us back to the main team and the whole War of Four Cities thing. Let's hope this book is back on track, cause all it has going for it right now is how pretty it is. Plus, Sue Storm has an awkward convo with her father-in-law. Check out a preview at Comics Alliance.

New Mutants #30:  I was very relieved to hear that DnA will be continuing on this title post-Schism, and by all accounts the lineup remains the same (though there are rumors Nate Grey will be the leader, which I don't believe or understand.) This issue sees the team involved in Fear Itself, with Dani's role as Valkyrie called in as Hela needs some help in...well, Hel. Looking forward to it.

Uncanny X-Force #13: The Dark Angel Saga continues. Age of Apocalypse Wolverine has gone evil(ish) and its up to our guys and what's left of Age of A X-Men to stop him. This book keeps getting better and better. And now that we know at least Nightcrawler will be returning to our world, here's hoping a couple others do (can't you just imagine alternate Jean Grey on Wolvie's new X-team?)

X-Men #16: Victor Gischler continues his role as the guy who does X-Men team ups. This week it's the FF and some Magneto/Dr Doom crossover fun. Hopefully it's better than that weird Ghost Rider one last month.

X-Men Legacy #254: This right here is the one I'm most looking forward to. AT LONG LAST, the return of Alex Summers, Lorna Dane and Rachel Grey. Rogue's in a sticky situation, millions of light years from home, and it's up to her and her fairly untested new team to save our classic X-Men-turned-Starjammers. Can't wait. Mike Carey's gonna pull out all the stops before he leaves for good, I just know it.

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