Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marvel Teasers: A Glimpse of the new Uncanny Lineup & Johnny Storm to Return?

Marvel loves their teasers and, to be honest, I find myself rather excited by them as well. Although it gets a bit annoying when the release only shadowy figures and leave you guessing.

First up is a teaser for Fantastic Four. Speculation abounds that the return of the classic team logo means a return of recently dead (or just lost in the negative zone to the hordes of Annihilus) Johnny Storm. However Jonathan Hickman has gone on record that the Human Torch will not come back while he's a writer. So either that's misdirection, or someone new is joining the main line-up. Ostensibly it wouldn't be Spidey. Perhaps Franklin or Val, all powered up? Certainly it seems that the Future Foundation won't last much longer.

I love Leinil Yu's art, so that should be fun.
As for the Uncanny teaser, we get a look at the new team post-Schism, led by Cyclops. Emma's sticking with her man, and judging from the shadows, Magneto stays on and post-Fear Itself Juggernaut will be joining the team. Who's on the Left though?


Two new teasers released today, concerning again the Fantastic Four (this time mainly just the Future Foundation, so maybe Spidey will stick around) and the X-Men, albeit the second post-schism title of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Honestly can't tell who's shadowed out in this one. Is the spikey stuff Iceman? Flying girl could be Hope maybe? Or perhaps the returned Rachel Grey-Summers. And doesn't that look like Havok's power signature on the left?

As for the FF, take a look at Rich Lovatt's blog for a great roundup of the best Fantastic Four runs ever.

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