Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art from Upcoming Generation Hope

As revealed awhile ago, James Asmus will be taking over the writing duties of Generation Hope from Kieron Gillen, and he'll be joined by Ibraim Roberson who will handle the art.

At NYCC we learned about the team spotting Sebastian Shaw's recently Emma-Frost-Mindwiped mutant signature somewhere in the Orient (we're not supposed to say that anymore, are we?) and, believing him to be a "new mutant light" race off to save him. Instead, he somehow ends up part of Hope's team. Asmus has some street cred, so Gen Hope should continue to be a pretty good X-title, but check out this art. It's lovely:

Not only does it confirm that Pixie's joining the team full-time, but looks like the main line-up, Cyclops "X-tinction Team" (worst name ever) will be doing some scrimmage-type training with the newbies.

Honestly, as long as you have Storm on the page, I'm in.

Busy morning, but hopefully will have some time at lunch to review yesterday's comics. Have a good one folks.

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