Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYCC: Sunday Cosplay

The show floor is closed, the fans have streamed out of the Javits Center, and the janitors have a long night ahead of them. Here's my last batch of cosplay enthusiasts showing their stuff. Thanks to all the industrious folks who were more than willing to pose for me.

Vintage Luke Cage in the house. Gotta love it. Damn, shoulda got his number. Um, er, because I need a Hero for Hire, I mean.
The Wasp, in one of her better costumes, getting some admiration from bee-hind. See what I did there?

Leia and Jabba. They stayed totally in character.

Star Wars action.

Old School JLI! Guy Gardner, Fire and a perfect Ice.

Not sure. 28 Days Later kinda thing?

Wolvie and Jean from the films. Awesome.

Met this lovely couple and congratulated them on graduating from Sunnydale High. It ain't easy getting out of there alive.

Mr. T and Casey Jones. Actually kinda makes sense that they'd be buds.

Cap pulled a gun, but I wasn't worried. There was a Nazi behind me.

Original Cap and Bucky-Cap expressing their unshakeable loyalty.

No clue, sorry.

Snow White showed up...cause why the hell not?

DC Villainesses.

Deadpool chillin' on the stairs.

Mega-Man may have aged a bit, but he's still got a big armgun and he knows how to point it.

Blade's hardcore, but a bit off his game if he doesn't notice Lady Deadpool creeping past.

I met Gogo on the platform waiting for the C train. We chatted for awhile, but I was careful not to bring up Italian cars.

New York Comic Con was wonderful. Little sad it's over but don't lose the joy yet, friends, it'll be back next year. Hope to see you there.

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