Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Week's Comics

As each month takes us deeper into the "New DC Universe" I find myself picking up fewer DC books. Meanwhile childhood favorites, the X-Men, are doing some pretty fun stuff these days. Check out my pull list while you finish sewing your Doctor Who cosplay outfit together for NYCC.


Batgirl #2:  The first issue was surprisingly weak. Well, not surprising that Simone is having trouble filling the large shoes left by Bryan Q. Miller and Stephanie Brown, but surprising in the sense of "Um..did Barbara Gordon just let a bad guy murder an innocent cop?" I'd suggest some more training with your newly working legs.

Batman and Robin #2:  Honestly, I don't recall the first one, and while I haven't loved Tomasi's Batman issues this year, he's still come through for me before. Plus it's Bruce and Damian. You just gotta see how that goes.

Batwoman #2: Because it's pretty.

Superboy #2:  Scott Lobdell, as an architect of the DCnU, hasn't hit it out of the park, but Superboy has been slightly more relatable than his other cardboard character reboots. Have we even started calling him Connor yet? Where's he gonna live, if Ma and Pa are dead in this new universe? Is Gen-13 returning? And most importantly, where the hell is Krypto?


Alpha Flight #5:  I haven't been super faithful with this series, but when I do pick it up, it's very entertaining. And a bit bloody. And majorly cloying when they start sledgehammering us over the head with their political views. Still, I could use some more Northstar action. I'm only human for God's sake.

Amazing Spider-Man #671:  The end of Spider Island. Mary Jane Watson, the superhero, steps up. 'Nuff said.

FF #10: Hickman's been taking about 4 years to do....I'm not sure what, nothing's happened yet. But, again, it's super pretty, Spidey's on the team, and I'd like to see some more of that kid who used to be in Power Pack and is now all growed up. Also Valerie's always fun.

Generation Hope #12: In which we see how the end of Schism shakes up the Lights, how Idie decides to leave, and hopefully why on earth Sebastian Shaw ends up joining the group.

New Avengers #17:  The return of Osborn and HAMMER, which only briefly left about 6 months ago, continues to gain momentum as Daredevil joins the team and they all operate as if Fear Itself is apparently over. Oh well, it's Bendis on the Avengers, it'll be a good 5 minute entertaining read.

Punisher #4:  The most underrated new series, Greg Rucka proves once again why he is a master of pace, suspense and action in comic books. Not usually a Punisher fan but you should pick this up.

Uncanny X-Force #16: The wonderful Dark Angel Saga continues. Evil Archangel sets his sights on Psylocke to be his new Death Horseman. Let the showdown commence.

X-Men Legacy #257: Possibly Mike Carey's final issue, or at the very least the end of the arc where Rogue and her team rescue Havok and his in deep space. It's been a good one, with Frenzy showing vulnerability and the tension between Polaris, Magneto and Havok to look forward too. Man I'm gonna miss Carey.

X-Men Regenesis 1-Shot:  Finally, after the fizzle that was the end of Schism, we get the actual on-island Utopia shake-up, where our favorite band of mutants make their individual decisions: Cyclops or Wolverine. Should be a good one, considering all it's setting up and paying off simultaneously.


Irredeemable #30: I have no memory of where we are in the story. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Tony's acting crazy and Qubit is being awesome and morally shady.


Buffy #2:  Buffy continues her attempt to return to basics, doing patrols and dodging student loans. Mysterious bodies start appearing, which prompt the slayer to investigate. Xander and Dawn continue to pretend their relationship is entirely normal. And Joss keeps making up for last "season" by trying to write the Buffy we remember.

All in all, a promising week. A Comic Con week. Expect some freebies at the store, and save your money for the cheap bins at the Javitz center.

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