Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Cosplay at NYCC

Well, another day at New York Comic Con is done.  A lot of crowds, a lot of stars, a lots of news, and a helluva lot of cosplay. Enjoy.

If I were the contest judge, female Loki would take the Grand Prize.

Bane and Poison Ivy were popular costumes this year. PS Those aren't sweat stains, it's a Rorschach test.

This Bane went all out with the venom tubes and the iconic scene. Not Batmen were harmed.

Darkseid made a friend.

For a second I was worried she thought I was the planet D'Bari IV of the Shi'ar Galaxy.

Captain Tightpants is always a good choice.

It's good to see Psylocke socializing more.

No clue...but wow.

Vintage and oft-overlooked version of Catwoman.

Doctor Octopus cast in a bad light. Get it?

Interesting fact: he was completely devoid of emotion. It's called Staying in Character. Well played Vizh.

Avenging makes them super happy.

At first I thought, Babar? Then I thought Jehangir from Hussein by Patrick O'Brien? Then I thought that elephantine Blue Lantern? Then I gave up and moved on.

Dude was 7 feet tall, meta, clever and with a voice modulator. Died on a Saturday.

Honestly, these people clearly spend so much time on these costumes, and make such fantastic stuff, and are so happy and complimentary to each other, that I'm pretty convinced the booths and the panels and the shopping are all window dressing for a giant fanboy costume party. Could be worse.

I might not have gotten into the Avengers panel, and I'm certainly avoiding the rest of the internet to find out who showed up, but I was at some big panels nonetheless and got to see more of that comic con cosplay joy. Besides, the Sunday schedule doesn't look too shabby: Chris Claremont, Paul Levitz, and the X-Men Regenesis panel. See you there.

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