Friday, October 14, 2011

New York Comic Con - Day 1 Schedule

Today's the day. New York Comic Con begins in earnest in a couple of hours. Excited yet?

If you are unable to attend because you live on the scraggy cliffs of Scotland, or else are 20 minutes away in Midtown Manhattan but your boss is a J. Jonah Jameson type, have no fear, your humble Captain shall be in attendance.

The schedule for today is a bit lopsided: without a doubt I will attend the DC Batman panel where I look forward to hearing mainly from Scott Snyder, and perhaps even some Tim Drake news if I'm super lucky. Later in the evening there's the Marvel Spidey panel, to see what Dan Slott's got cooked up for post-Spider Island.

The panels I'm undecided on include Jane Espenson's Husbands panel, which is competing with a Felicia Day spotlight interestingly enough, a seminar on comic story structure, and a screening of the upcoming show Once Upon A Time.

Besides that expect a lot of wandering, a lot of wishing I'd brought a particular comic to get signed, a lot of cosplay portraiture photography, and a lot of trying not to spend money.

To whet your appetite, please enjoy the recently released Avengers trailer. True, the Avengers panel is not until tomorrow (someone please tell me how to decide between the news-filled Cup 'O Joe panel and the Avengers panel) but let's be honest, Joss Whedon writing and directing the Avengers movie? Comic Convention's were made for such a momentous event.

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