Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ask Annihilus: How to Cure an Itchy, Sore Throat

So every day seems to bring a new Marvel teaser for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Marvel which will feature not only the culmination of Jonathan Hickman's FF arc, but the return of the classic title (and possibly Johnny Storm, I'm not super clear on that yet.) We've seen the main team flying off to adventure together, and we've seen Galactus hanging out on our moon, checking out Earth with that "eyes bigger than my stomach" look on his giant celestial robotic face.

Now, we have Annihilus:

And I know, I know, despite Annihilation being one of the best event comics ever, he's an FF villain through and through. But the dude practically conquered and genocided half the civilized alien population of the Marvel Universe, although no one on Earth seems to have heard about that series of giant, crushing wars. I mean, he was wearing the Quantam Bands for awhile! That was pretty awesome. And yes, they cleverly had his disciples somehow give birth to him again or clone him or something so that he could come back, but he endured no easy death.

My point is, he may have started an FF villain, but these days? He's one of the most hated man-bug-things in the universe, and only one man, one hero, was able to stop him. It kind of detracts from said hero's (imminently returning) legacy when you go back on a climactic moment like this:

Yowza. Let's see Reed Richards try THAT one.

Points of Consolation:
   1. Nova is returning.
   2. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are BOUND to do something cosmic again, post-Earthfall.
   3. 50th Anniversary = extra sized monumental issues, so after about 3 years of waiting, something is actually definitely going to happen in a Jonathan Hickman Fantastic Four comic!
   4. Nova is returning. And, if the God/Architects of Marvel have any compassion, Star-Lord's coming with him.

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