Monday, October 24, 2011

This Week's Comics

A pretty big week, especially for someone like me who, post-DC New 52, is decidedly Marvel-inclined.

Pick of the Week: Daredevil #5 (Sorry Wolverine and the X-Men #1, but it was close.)


Aquaman #2:  The first issue didn't feel like such a big deal, and caused some controversy by denying the whole he-can-talk-to-fish claim, but with Ivan Reis on pencils the book is beautiful and, despite the flagship Justice League title, it feels like Geoff Johns care mores about Aquaman than anything else he's writing.

Flash #2:  A visually stunning debut by Francis Manapul, who has taken his new role as writer as an opportunity to create some truly creative layouts and art. The arc is pretty interesting too, as I imagine some crossover from Justice League will occur, in the sense that Barry Allen as crime-lab-guy is ordered by his bosses to investigate the Flash.

Teen Titans #2: Pretty much an awful first issue, and with some villain called Bugg coming this week, it looks to be getting even worse. However, it's the only thing in the DC Universe that has Tim Drake/Red Robin in it, so I'll keep buying no matter how crappy it gets.


Amazing Spider-Man #672:  The conclusion of the very entertaining Spider Island. As enjoyable as it's been, I don't really care about the climactic battle, I just want more MJ-as-superhero time, and for Pete and MJ to get back together already.

Annihilators: Earthfall #2 (of 4):  The first issue was very dissapointing (perhaps DnA are stretched too thin?) but I'm hoping that now the Annihilators are facing off directly with the Avengers, things will improve. Granted, it's not the best line-up of Avengers I can think of, but I have faith that DnA will do something different than the completely tired comics cliche of good guys battling until they realize they have a common purpose and inevitably joining forces.

Astonishing X-Men #43: Really don't love the art, or the feel of this title, ever since Whedon left. But Asmus takes the opportunity to rehash a plot point from Whedon's run; when Emma Frost promised, in return for aid on Breakworld, to deliver Professor X to Danger's vengeance. Of course, Mike Carey pretty much dealt with that way back in X-Men Legacy, but hey, Carey's pretty much gone now so they can do what they want.

Avengers Academy #20:  The final Fear Itself tie-in. One student and one teacher leaves the team, though we're not clear if it's by choice or by death. Regardless, always a great comic, and I look forward to their upcoming West Coast relocation.

Daredevil #5: The funnest, and possibly the prettiest, comic book on the stands. Mark Waid is killing it. Pick this up.

FF #11:  The boring epic continues to plod towards the big Fantastic Four #600 anniversary. At least it'll set the stage for Galactus, which should be fun.

New Mutants #32:  DnA tie the Dani Moonstar's team into Fear Itself as they fight to save the Norse underworld after encountering a slain Hela.

Secret Avengers #18:  Not sure if I'll buy this one, as it seems to focus entirely, and for the third or fourth time, on the most boring members of the team; Black Widow and Shang Chi.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1: Jason Aaron's brand new X-book, with new direction and school, begins here. Should be a blast.


Red Wing #4 of 4:  Despite acclaim, haven't really gotten into this. But I did buy the first three so I should probably finish the series. Hickman's really not doing it for me these days.

Walking Dead #90:  The struggle continues. Looks like Glenn is the focus this month.


Angel & Faith #3:  Christos Gage has a wonderful handle on these Buffy characters, and so far this arc is a delight. Angel's erratic psychology, Faith's commitment and moral compass, Giles' presence hovering in their minds, and fallout from Angel's misdeeds as Twilight. Good stuff.

So there it is. Due to, restrictions, I may end up cutting a lot of these out of the list. Or even postponing their purchase until next week. I'll wait to check the bank account right before leaving. Fortunately Chameleon Comics is staffed with friendly men who hold comics for their members. Check 'em out.

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