Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYCC Roundup and Addendum

It's taken me a little time to recover from New York Comic Con, specifically the divine events of Sunday (I'm looking at you, Mr. Claremont,) and even now I don't feel entirely restored to reality. In point of fact the resumption of standard work hours and my daily routine, when compared to three straight days spent in a world of superheroes and the legends responsible for them, has encouraged me to quit the job, sell my earthly possessions (comics not included, natch) and become a comic con groupie, if such an existence...well, exists. Other options include getting hired by Comic Book Resources, activating my X-gene through hazardous methods, and eating several large pizza pies and hibernating in a cave until next year's NYCC.

While I ponder those options, let me take the opportunity to post some final information that came out of this exciting weekend. Now that all the panels have occurred, all the cosplayers shown off, and all the previews put up on a screen for adoring fans to cheer, the actual images have been released to the press. So all those things I "exclusively" reported? I have the images that go with them. Enjoy.

The cover of X-Men Legacy #260.1, the issue that starts Christos Gage's anticipated run, and shows us Rogue's team setting up shop in Wolverine's new school:

Doesn't seem like Rachel wants a hug, what with those hardcore spikes on her coat.

It seems Cannonball and Iceman will be main characters in Gage's line-up, as well as Rachel Grey joining Frenzy both as teachers and tasked with the defense of the Jean Grey School.

The cover for Peter David's X-Factor, when the team ends up on Wolverine's side of the Schism by having Logan become a client. Look for Havok and Polaris to drop by on the final page:

Looking forward to the disparate team reactions, but worried about absence of Layla and Madrox. I sincerely hope neither of them are the "terrible loss" the team endures, seeing as they're the heart of the team.

Wolverine and The X-Men: Alpha Omega. In which Logan fights Quentin Quire, and Hisako/Armor gets caught in the middle.

Wolverine #300 by Jason Aaron, the biggest Wolvie story he's ever told:

The new Age of Apocalypse ongoing, spinning out of the events of the Dark Angel Saga:

Rick Remender taking over Secret Avengers, a perfect fit for the critically acclaimed writer of Uncanny X-Force:

Had not heard before that Human Torch and Venom-Flash were on board.
This seems to confirm the return of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four #600, or perhaps just the return of the original synthetic Torch. It also shows that Beast, much like Logan, Storm and several other X-Men, will be on multiple teams at once.

Speaking of Fantastic Four news, the #600 anniversary and FF #12 (both ongoings which will be written by Hickman) got a teaser released after the con, and it looks as if the FF's biggest foe returns:

And last but not least, the teaser that told all us fanboys that Phoenix will be back. Will it be the Force itself? Jean? Hope's powers catalyzing? Rachel's return to power? Korvus and his sword? (Where IS Korvus ending up anyway?) Or something completely unexpected? Either way, I can't wait to find out. Check out that line-up of contributing writers. This may be the Marvel Universe-wide event of 2012.

Well there it is. I'll leave you with a couple more teasers for the new X-School, including a glimpse of what they're actually building over the ruins of the old mansion. God Bless Westchester. And God Bless NYCC.

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