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NYCC Exclusive: X-Men Regenesis Panel

The X-Men Regenesis panel was the final big panel of the entire convention, with nearly every major Marvel writer who contributes to the X-Universe on stage. Let's go through it the way they did: by title.

Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen

-Restarting at #1 Gillen claims this will be the X-Men to a bigger scale than ever before, with Scott not only trying to make them the world's premiere superhero team, but assembling a showcase line-up of mutants that may use the inevitable fear of the world to their advantage. That is, "if the world is gonna fear and hate us, why not try and use that to our advantage." Ostensibly to deter people from continuously trying to eradicate them all.

New Mutants by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

-DnA were actually there! I definitely squealed. They didn't get to speak much, and I didn't get to ask my questions for them ("Where the hell are the Guardians? What are Mantis, Gamora, Vance, Moondragon, Bug, etc doing right now?)
-They say the team is very much on Cyclops' side, considering he gave them their standing mission; cleaning up past X-Men mistakes
-They are also a big team for Cyclops of integration...similar to Dazzler's future street team in San Fran, but New Mutants not only has a non-mutant on the team, but as a leader in Dani Moonstar.

Generation Hope by James Asmus

-Their mission is the same, to find newly popping up mutants and save them and bring them in.
-The presence of Sebastian Shaw is explained because Cerebro picks up a mutant signature (he was mindwiped by Emma and left in middle of China I believe) and take him in
-There will be even more of the expected kissing and hormones that their age group requires.

X-Men by Victor Gischler

-The vampires will be back.
-Large focus on Jubilee.
-Something about War Machine being in a story.

Astonishing X-Men by Greg Pak

-The infamous cover of Storm kissing Cyclops was shown, which is for issue #44
-Astonishing will deal with the major Schism repercussions, emotionally speaking, specifically between Storm and Scott
-Issue #45 has a picture of Wolverine with claws made of Gold

Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Aaron

-This is primarily a school book.
-They will be rebuilding the school in major ways, tweaking old traditions. Such as a different danger room, a different type of class and teaching style, and Wolverine in a suit and tie.

Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega by Wood and Brooks

-A 5 issue miniseries that takes place in the school and is essentially Logan vs. Quentin Quire
-Armor/Hisako will be collateral damage (but not necessarily killed)

**Brief Interlude to Salute the Absent Mike Carey for his Wonderful Five Years on X-Men Legacy**

X-Men Legacy by Christos Gage

-Starting with #260.1, Christos Gage (Avengers Academy, Angel & Faith) will take over writing duties.
-Will take place in Jean Grey Institute of Higher Learning
-Still following Rogue as main POV character
-Will deal with her undefined, now long-distance relationship with Magneto, and the triangle of Gambit being part of the school
-Rachel Summers and Frenzy will be both teachers and assigned with the school's defense

X-Factor by Peter David

-Havok and Polaris return on the last page of issue #230
-Their return was perfect timing for David, who says the team is at its lowest at this point, having suffered a huge loss.
-There is a mixed reaction by the various team-members when Havok and Polaris step in to help and take control
-Wolverine is throughout #230 because he hires X-Factor Investigations

Age of Apocalypse

-There will be a new ongoing series of Age of Apocalypse, featuring the characters and storylines that occurred during the Dark Angel Saga in Uncanny X-Force

Wolverine #300 by Jason Aaron

-Aaron's biggest issue of Wolverine ever; all his work on this solo title has led to this

X-23 by Marjorie Liu

-Post Fantastic Four arc X-23 will be dealing with that fallout
-Hellion returns which doesn't go well
-The FF hire her to babysit, which really, really doesn't go well


-As he's trying to become the Kingpin of crime in LA, naturally the Runaways will be guest-starring for a couple issues!!!


-Deadpool apparently finally figures out how to kill himself in the new story "Dead"

Then they showed the It's Coming Phoenix teaser again, and encouraged all to buy the .1 issue out in November.


-Cannonball will appear in X-Men Legacy, but not as a regular member

-Professor Xavier WILL be in Wolverine and the X-Men #1, so we get to hear his post-Schism opinions

-The New X-Men kids will be scattered around the books, but ONE joins the cast of Generation Hope (Pixie I believe was hinted before)

-Toad WILL be the janitor of the school, but there is a story for him there that Aaron wants to tell

-A fan had no question, but had a huge sweet fangasm over the beautiful Marjorie Liu

-The Boy from the Chris Claremont panel returned!! Claremont told him to ask the current Uncanny writer about who Jean's true love is, so he actually he did! Except he asked "Who is Jean Grey's true lover?" So the panel mostly erupted into laughter and innuendo jokes such as "What happens in the White Hot Room stays in the White Hot Room." They asked the boy what HE thought, and he said Scott Summers. He ended up winning the contest for Best Question and an Archangel figurine

-Another kid, 10 years old, asked what political party each X-team belongs too, which is actually a great question, but the panelists decided to turn it around and talk about the precocious 10 year old and ask him what HE was, to which he answered "Republican" and then things got awkward and kinda silent and he didn't win the prize, but someone yelled out that Scott Summers is pretty much a Libertarian these days.

-When asked about plans for Bishop, it was said his return was inevitable but unknown at the time.

So, no huge news, but it was a fun panel with a strong line-up of writers and super excited fans. A frankly delightful way to close out New York Comic Con. I'll be posting some more pics later, but for now the show floor is closing and there's one specific picture I want to get.

Hope you've enjoyed the experience. If not, check out Comic Book Resources--they did a way better job covering it, but they probably didn't get Chris Claremont to sign their favorite scene in their favorite comic book ever.

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