Thursday, January 15, 2009

Angel: After the Fall #16 Preview

Solicitations from IDW say that this is the penultimate issue of Angel Season 5 in comic book form. I kind of thought it would keep going the way Buffy has, but I suppose it makes sense since the entire series has felt like one long, often confusing, story arc. I enjoy the references to past Angel-lore, the characters are written fairly accurately (save maybe vamp-Gunn) but this series hasn't really done it for me. Perhaps if Whedon actually wrote it it would feel more like canon, but Brian Lynch still executes Joss' favorite plot-twist by killing main characters (Gwen, Wesley-kind of, Gunn-kind of, and now Connor who was finally not annoying.)

If you're interested, here are the previews:

Is Lynch doing some kind of timeline-jumping plot? Is Angel going to try and go back and save Gunn during "Not Fade Away"? If he has that power, why not go back and save Fred from the gorram Illyria sarcophagus? Perhaps he will do a retcon of this whole LA-as-Hell scenario (not unbelievable) which I would welcome, but would make every issue of this series fairly moot, and not worth what they charge for the glossy covers.

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