Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beloved Characters Created by Marv Wolfman

I had no idea that Marv Wolfman, of The New Teen Titans fame, was responsible for so many well-known and important comic book characters. The following is an incomplete list, in descending order of favoritism.

Tim Drake, Robin III
Dick Grayson's new identity, Nightwing
Black Cat
Doctor Light (the female hero not the rapist)

Who knew Wolfman was so integral to so many DC titles and storylines. Here's to getting him involved in the post-Morrison universe, where he is desperately needed.


  1. Whoa. Doctor Light of the Fearsome Five? He was a rapist?? Are you sure you don't mean a therapist? I find it hard to believe a guy who would VOLUNTEER his time for a noble outfit like Suicide Squad, an organization obviously dedicated to the prevention of self-harm, would be such a monster...

  2. Suicide Squad despite its name is not actually the DCU's equivalent of Jonestown. It's that old idea of villains working for the gov't in return for a clean slate (Thunderbolts, Freedom Force, etc.) I've never much liked the idea personally.
    But yes Dr. Light, once a joke regularly beat down by teen heroes, right up there with the fearsome Polka Dot, got ambitious in '04 and raped the beloved wife of classic superhero Elongated Man. (Inside the satellite HQ of the team, no less.)
    This led to a group of Justice Leaguers who were so pissed they had their resident magician lobotomize him and change his personality. (Batman objected to the morality of this, but I don't.) Turns out they should have gone further, since once he recovered he went on to do some more quasi-rapes and terror blitzes.
    Recently he was turned into a candle and burned to death (ha!) by the Spectre in Final Crisis. Heavy promotion for the Crisis included the ad 'Where were YOU when Dr. Light met his fate?"

    I was rereading Grant Morrison's autistic dialogue trying to figure out what just happened.

    But, hey, at least this is one comic character death I completely support.

    (Interesting idea--why, after the countless endless nauseating story lines about Batman and killing being the-line-he-just-don't-cross, why has capitol punishment never come up? Why hasn't whatever quasi-NY state that is home to Gotham City stepped in and dosed the Joker with a syringe of rat poison? Wouldn't Batman have to respect the decisions of government and law? Plus his hands would stay clean, and both random innocents and loved ones wouldn't have to be slaughtered just to make the latest joker story effective.)

  3. By the way, thanks for your insight and participation Max. You are clearly a godly man among girly-men.