Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maybe Don't Let Palin Be Palin

Palin seems to have picked up some bad habits from McCain.

Despite the train wreck of a campaign she was forced to smile through, the editing and coaching and clipping and apologizing, Sarah Palin seems to have taken some of McCain's lessons to heart. Namely, try to appeal to as many people as possible.

Palin has announced that she is, in effect, going green by introducing legislation that would make utilities in Alaska produce 50% of their power through renewable sources by the year 2025, which is even more ambitious than Obama's plans.

In the same breath she encourages Americans to demand and allow Alaska's participation in gas and oil production.

She goes on to encourage tax cuts (duh) and not skimping money for soldiers' equipment (mega-duh), adding to the list of benign obvious Hopes for the Obama Presidency.

At a time of such fevered and stretched and disappointed hope in Obama's inauguration and the things he has yet to not do, I turned to Palin as the last true conservative in politics, one who had learned from the glaring mistakes of McCain's campaign, and who was ready to stick to her principles and ideologies. Perhaps Rush is the last man standing after all.

Most of us know by now that global warming is a hoax, and soon enough everybody will (even liberals are starting to report it) so why doesn't Palin? Who is she appeasing by submitting legislation that will be costly and useless? Does she not already have the support of Alaskans? If she is beginning a long deliberate run to 2012 she should take some notes from Chambliss, not from 'my friend' John.

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