Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Beginning...

Welcome to the Superpowers That Be, my fledgling attempt at entering the blogosphere. (That word sounds a bit too much like the governor of Crook County for my taste. Let's work on making a new one.) My name is Captain Elias (strange parents) and my desires for this blog are to engage and spout off about those subjects in life that are near and dear to my heart and sanity. Namely comic books, television, and the occasional politics.


Without much ado, I think I'll get right into it. So far this Sunday morning, in my daily ritual of about 4/5 cups of strong coffee (the first is always the best) and hours of internet surfing, I have come across a few pieces of noteworthy items. With Israel so prominent in the news at the moment, and never far from my thoughts, it was the main subject of my first searches, resulting in some juicy head-shaking unfortunately-predictable news, including thousands of San Fransisco protesters calling for the extermination of Jews. (That deeply beautiful city would be a utopia, if only every citizen was replaced with a normal functioning conservative.) News sites led me to the hilarious and satisfying discovery of a housing development in Florida built 8 years ago by Jimmy Carter and his celebrity pals at Habitat for Humanity, now crumbling, infested, and causing skin rashes.

In a less satisfying forum, Bill Ayers has (over)written an editorial for HuffPo, who describe him as a "Senior Scholar" as opposed to, say, "Terrorist-at-large". Filled with hyperbole, nonsense, and enough platitudes to repopulate a post-nuclear-bombed Iran, he manages to explain to us what Democracy is, in the same breath extolling the 'unique individual' as well as the system of blind equality and communism he so fervently supports.


Naturally, reading Bill Ayers left me feeling a bit violent, so I turned instead to my recent discovery, or rather, my recent finding despite having heard many rumors online, of the comic book by Mark Millar and drawn by John Romita Jr., Kick-Ass. Conclusion: completely overrated. (Ditto for Grant Morrison's Superman run, named Best Comic of 2008 by CBR. I finally acquiesced after such an accolade, and conquered the nausea that Frank Quitely's art induces in me ever since New X-Men, downloading and reading the whole run. That, plus the ridiculous, obscure, destructionist Batman R.I.P. has put me off Morrisson forever.) Always love Romita's art, but the profanity and gore is disproportionate to any substantial storylines. Also, how does a big budget Hollywood movie version get greenlit after 4 issues?? Yet Watchmen takes a decade to make?


In other news, perhaps the most exciting and goofy grin-inducing, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a Republican!! Having been deeply devoted (my father might say 'unhealthily obsessed') with Buffy since I was a tiny hyper boy seeing the movie in theaters, you'd think I would have known this crucial piece of information. But in assuming she was just another Hollywood liberal I overlooked this wonderful possibility. Now many things make sense--including the lack of plum movie roles she gets offered, and the subterranean hostility and disdain directed towards her by the once faultless Joss Whedon and other old Buffy castmates. I now respect and love Ms. Gellar (Mrs. Prinze?) more than ever, and feel confident we would get along famously (so feel free to give me a call.)

Last, but most certainly not least, yesterday at 5:45pm in the UK (12:45pm here in NY) the often-brilliant minds behind the humongous Doctor Who announced the newest actor to take the role of the Doctor; Matt Smith. After David Tennant, you'd think it would be nigh impossible for them to make an unprecedented and inspired casting choice yet again, but bloody hell they pulled it off. Having recalled Smith from his charming role on the consistently unoriginal and mediocre filming of Philip Pullman's (unoriginal and mediocre) Ruby in the Smoke, I know him to be uniquely handsome in an offbeat way(much like Tennant), funny, with the potential for great strength, wit, and buried emotion. Not to mention he'll look good while running.

And dear Lord will the poor man have to run.

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  1. Loving the blog, Captain! A hilarious highlights reel of my favorite tops. Glad I found you. PLEASE POST OFTEN! Any idea when episodes of new Dr. Who start airing?

  2. Glad you enjoy it! Thanks for being my first 'follower', though you sound like more of a leader you savvy 'net-surfer.
    Tennant is due to start filming the first of his 4 final specials sometime in the next month or two, to start airing either easter or summer, most likely, with the final airing next Easter, and Matt Smith's Series 5 starting in summer 2010.
    Check out this site for all the Doctor info you could need:

  3. Hello Capn',
    Welcome to the blogo... eh, I mean the BLOGLAND. You go and give it to them! Hurray for Sara! In the future you must single out the clear-thinking artists and celebs so we don't condemn all of them to hell or obscurity (which is by far much worse).
    Question: Why a self-respecting conservative would sully his (?hers) laptop with HuffPo? Oh, yes... spying on the enemy, I understand. As long as you rip them to smitherens I'd give you a pass.
    All the Best, Captain. Your blog is a first good news this year.
    Good Luck!
    Emilio (Cpr., ret.)

  4. Captain- What a gem! I love your writing, scope, and political analysis. What a brilliant way to put gravitas in so undervalued an art form.

    If I were Sarah Michelle, i'd be calling you like yesterday!