Friday, January 16, 2009

TV News

An assortment of news not necessarily worth their own special posting.

-Lipstick Jungle is still, somehow, not canceled. I love Kim Raver but c'mon, that shits just weak.

-More details on Amy Poehler's NBC show were revealed. She works at Parks and Recreation dept. in Pawnee, Indiana as a female Michael Scott apparently. My suggestion: heavy make-up a la Amy Sedaris, because Poehler is about as overexposed as Tina Fey and Obama.

-The final season of ER gets three more episodes added on, and pushes back the premiere of its replacement Southland, a huge departure for NBC because it's a cop show by John Wells. (Who am I kidding, I still miss Third Watch. Bosco!!!)

-Final episodes of Dirty Sexy Money won't be aired till this summer. In the meantime, Peter Krause has signed on to 3 separate projects in which he plays an everyday man named Nick faced with everyday conflicts.

-Soap opera gay couple Luke and Noah of As the World Turns finally have sex, after two years of dating and pecking on the cheek (and killing evil step fathers and providing comfort to evil twins). If I'm bored by news about gay sex on tv....something is definitely wrong. Bring back Queer as Folk which was unabashedly liberal and often idiotic, but rarely gave a crap about political correctness.

And last but certainly not least, today is the day. The beginning of the end. Battlestar Galactica on scifi at 10pm. If you're getting antsy rewatch The Face of the Enemy webisodes on hulu. Then take that feeling of anticlimax and get used to it, cause we probably still have 9 weeks of cliffhangers ahead of us (which is better than nothing.)

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