Friday, January 23, 2009

Yo-Yo Ma the Pop Star

Yo-yo Ma reaffirmed his status as the pop star of classical music with reports revealing that the classical quartet at Obama's inauguration, featuring him and Itzhak Perlman, was recorded days earlier and not actually performed.

The classical music interlude, composed by Star Wars theme creator John Williams, was one of the only pleasant moments of the boring ceremony. And even that was fake. Reports claim it was too cold to trust the instruments to stay in tune, and they wanted everything to be perfect for Obama (which doesn't explain why no one proofread Rev. Lowery's speech.) However, Aretha Franklin's voice seemed unaffected by the low temperatures, unless we were merely listening to her latest CD.

Ma and Perlman join the illustrious ranks of Ashlee Simpson and Milli Vanilli. Certainly a high point of their careers.


  1. There's a great think piece about the Yo Yo Ma fakery here:

  2. ha thanks it is a pretty good write up...and i definitely agree, i understand the technical aspects but the deliberate faking seems out of place for such an event. thanks for reading!
    also, i had actually considered that title, but decided against it (so my family wouldnt make fun of me)