Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Marvel Solicitations for April

Though it is several months away, the newest batch of Marvel solicitations contains a few good-looking covers, including this first one for Dark Reign: The Cabal . The members of the group look very cool, and most importantly normal, especially after the Dark Reign one-shot in which Namor was a pudgy balding Jewish man and Emma was plain. My greatest interest in this entire story line of evil powers manipulating events behind-the-scenes lies in Emma Frost; what she hopes to gain from being part of this, what she has to do, and how it will end up. I'm strongly praying that it will be surprising and noble, as opposed to having to be confronted by Cyclops and betray her team.

The second most noticeable cover is for New Avengers, with the re-blooming marriage of Hawkeye/Ronin and Mockingbird. The cover is familiar and beautiful because it was done by Jo Chen, the artist for the spectacularly beautiful Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books. Nice to see her getting more gigs.

One last thought. Is it me, or is Wanda Maximoff now a little zaftig? Must have been all that chocolat and beouf she ate in whatever French village she was hiding.


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