Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proposition X

The X-Men have recently relocated to California, making San Fransisco/Marin County their new base of operations. Hailing it as the last refuge for mutants in the world, the lovable heroic mutants can walk through the town without hiding their wings or scaly lizard arms, cause those Franciscans are just so cool and open minded.

Except for the evil politician Simon Trask, who is "muscling Proposition X to an emergency ballot vote." Proposition X would deny mutants (powered or depowered) the right to breed, thus extinguishing the mutant gene from the species. Sound familiar at all?

First of all, Darwin's been debunked, and Storm could theoretically pass on her powers to a child by virtue of molecular memory.

Secondly, the alteration of a state or country's constitution to redefine a word that has been defined for hundreds of years is not synonymous with sterilizing all gay men and women and sending them to eunuch internment camps.

If Matt Fraction, the clearly super creative writer of Uncanny X-Men, continues down the same path of inspiration, he better show the overwhelming number of voters who pass Proposition X. But most likely we'll see the gay-bashing, I mean mutie-bashing, Hellfire Cult of thugs getting smacked down by the democratic process, as opposed to the large african-american community turning on their fellow minority.

Take it from someone who knows; San Francisco is far far worse than Westchester, NY. Fly, fly back to the suburbs X-Men.

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