Saturday, January 17, 2009

Colin Powell Vomits Up Some Cheese

Warm fuzzy toxic waste.

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  1. So I linked; thanx for nothin', Capt.! Now I feel puky myself. What tripe!!

    OK, I doubled my Prozac after the election hoping for just one respite: final and irrevocable disappearance of:
    1) John "I'm a conservative, really..." McLame;
    2) Bill & Hill "Recurrent HSV Type I & II outbreaks" Clintons; and
    3) Colin "B. Arnold" Powell.

    So much for naive hopes of youth! Can I triple my Prozac? Quadruple? Would it be fatal? Wait a sec... that gives me an idea! Good buy, Captain, and good luck in your lonely struggle! Signing off,

    S.CH. Lepp, Jr.