Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News: Gossip Girl Writers Write A Funny Line

Uncle: "Last time I had a friend like that, I wound up with gonorrhea."

Nephew: "Suprax?"

Uncle: "Rocephin."

Also, first-hand evidence suggests that Sarkozy is a bad kisser, "which is disappointing." Now I can kind of see it though. That, plus having to google those medications, proves that GG is broadening my horizons.


  1. I thought the funny bit was something like, "This has Grandma's prints all over it."

    "Yeah. It does smell a bit like booze and Chanel #5."

  2. ha thats true...they were just a bit too unflapped by the news of a half-sibling for my taste. thanks for the comment tho

  3. Dig the blog. Found it through Rich's blog (Comic by Comic). Keep writing and I'll be here to read it.