Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Battle For The Cowl Cover!

IGN has posted a cover for Battle for the Cowl #2 by Tony Daniel (his website is linked on the right.)

By God do I love Robin! He's looking slim and tall and powerful, and much more composed (less pissed) than Nightwing in the cover of the first issue. I can't wait to see how Daniel writes Tim, not to mention what he plans for Spoiler and Cassandra (anyone remember Batgirl's numerous discussions with Tim about how he doesn't want to become Batman but that's her greatest goal?)

Also, here I was, whining to myself that we were only going to get a 3-part story, albeit with a few extra pages. But of course, they've included about 20 one-shots, or side series, to stretch the event out and make more money. I'll admit, I tend to be interested in Oracle, specifically when she actually fights crime and doesn't just hack stuff or whine, and what with Arkham Asylum being destroyed (little too Bane-y for me, but imagine what would have happened if Bruce wasn't around when Bane popped up. Sounds like a decent description of BFTC now) I could deal with some faces of evil/bad guy perspective issues. But a new Azrael? And Man-Bat? C'mon, seriously, why is Man-Bat still even mentioned?

Regardless of the shameless moneymaking extra issues, I am getting very exciting for the next Bat-event. Granted, Final Crisis isn't technically over, but I was done it with it around issue 1. It seems the responsibility of redeeming Batman after Grant Morrison freebased and got sick all over his character is falling squarely on Tony Daniel's shoulders, and so far, at least where art is concerned, he's rising to the challenge. It is Batman after all.

According to IGN "Grant Morrison will be returning to Batman at some point after Cowl wraps up, and we can only hope he makes his return sooner rather than later. " First of all, what? Second of all, why? Third of all, thanks for the editorial but clearly you have no taste or are a 13 year old boy who forgot to take his adderall. Fourth of all, why? Fifth of all, yeahbuwhah??
Sixth of all, and finally, Grant Morrison is much harder to kill than Batman, Superman, Jean Grey, Wasp, or any beloved character who has met an untimely demise, and it's just not fair. Not only do they keep giving him huge titles to write and heroes to destroy, but they fawn over everything he creates and review it like its Watchmen. Believe me, his shit definitely stinks.

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