Wednesday, January 21, 2009


While the mainstream media continues its hype of Obama's inauguration...despite it being over and tepid...they also continue to ignore the treatment the 'bipartisan, hopeful American' crowd gave to George Bush during the ceremony. Not only was he booed, or met with stone cold silence by his seats, but they actually launched into a football-stadium chant of "Hey, hey, hey, goood-bye."

I wish their behavior was more surprising. But what can you expect from the huddled masses? They have been denied so much, their suffering should be considered and their actions apologized. It is time for Obama to heal them, to provide them with a better way to live, to lead by example.

Well, except for the example set by his Chief of Staff, (whose appearance received fervent "Rahmbo" cheers, akin to the "O-Bah-Mah!" slogan) as he invokes the similar chant of "Nyah-nyah-ne-nyah-nyah."

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