Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best. News. Ever.

Veronica Mars is headed for the big screen!!

Series creator and card carrying genius Rob Thomas has revealed his commitment to a Veronica Mars movie as his next project.

Thomas has revitalized his 1998 TV failure, though it was a hit with me and my sister, Cupid with Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson. The braintrust at ABC, after greenlighting a once-cancelled show, have already cut the series order from 13 to 8. (Next they'll move it to Fridays...why do they waste their money on these things if they have no faith?) "That means I have time to write the Veronica Mars movie, " Thomas says.

Frakkin A! Kristen Bell is in. Colantoni is in. Dohring is in. Joel Silver is expected to produce. And the story is "70% broken" in Thomas' head already. (They're skipping the super-cool FBI future they previewed when the series was killed, and sticking around Hearst for Veronica's last few months of college.)

God bless. There have been few shows so tight and well-written on TV, either before or since Veronica left the air. (Consider it the Brick of the small screen.) Kristen Bell is a serious powerhouse with that role, and it hurt to see her on Heroes or in crappy movies, or as the eponymous and unseen Gossip Girl.

Message to Dawn Ostroff: "After all these years do you not instinctively fear me? Maybe you should write yourself a note."

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