Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UK Prison Incentives

A Romanian ex-con homeless immigrant drifting around areas surrounding London, mugged, beat, and raped a 21year old girl at the train station as she was on her way home from seeing friends. The attack was captured on CCTV (how helpful) and the man was tracked down because he continued using the girl's cell phone.

Upon arrest he was examined by multiple psychologists, to whom he said "When I was on the railway station I thought I should rape this lady in order to get a place to eat and sleep and learn the English language." He expressed the desire to be sent to the same prison as his dear brother, who is serving time for rape and attempted murder.

Together they could study, rest, and work up some strength before they went back to the mean streets of West Yorkshire.

Ali Majlat was in Romanian jail 6 months ago for theft, and London jail in September for burglary. EU citizens with a valid passport can enter Britain without any warning, criminal history or not it seems, and similarly cannot be deported back to their home countries after criminal activity unless they represent a truly serious threat.

London magistrates in September did not deem Majlat such a "high risk." Last month it was revealed by the Tory party that in the past year alone 3,000 foreign criminals were released into the populace without deportation.

Come to Britain for the drunk white girls, stay for the free food, housing and healthcare. God save the Queen.

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