Monday, January 19, 2009

What SHOULD Happen In Marvel and DC This Year

A few suggestions for Didio and Quesada. Feel free to criticize, praise, add or subtract.


The X-Team that is in Limbo endures hardships, but is triumphant. Along the way Santo reforms himself out of Limbo rock, but cannot regain his usual massive size and is stuck in the proportions of a normal sized person. Illyana, with the help of Piotr and the team, gets her bloodstones back from Belasco's daughter and becomes herself again (an actual teenager this time, rightfully aged) but thus loses power and control over Limbo. As Belasco's daughter is about to take over and kill the X-Men and then go to Earth to conquer there, Pixie kills her with her soul-dagger, a traumatic victory for her that leads to that weird limbo-council and all those minions bowing down before her. She is saddled with the Storm/Morlock-like responsibility of Limbo, and bonds with Illyana who will help her manage the hell dimension while doing their San Fran X-duties. After their return and reunion with the other X-Men, Illyana and Piotr decide to go to space, taking Pixie, Nightcrawler, Hepzibah (space experience), and maybe Storm on The Search for Kitty Pryde. (Rachel Grey, already in Shi'ar space, senses them and brings the Phoenix power to help. She leads them to a nearly-dead Lockheed on an abandoned planet and follow Kitty's trail.)

Battle for the Cowl:

While trying to get Gotham City under control in the absence of the Bat, Nightwing and Robin and Batgirl organize a network of heroes and detectives (Riddler, Jason Bard) to monitor and control the city. Arguments over methods cause a rift between Robin and Batgirl, and Nightwing, leading Dick not to concede any moral victory, but to give Tim the chance to write his own rules and try it his way. Thus, Tim Drake assumes the mantle of the Bat, which he is shocked to discover suits him better than he ever expected. (He beats down the vindictive jealous Jason Todd and Damian, who ambush him in the cave.) He is less hands-on than Bruce, his detective skills improving by leaps and bounds, manipulating events and villains behind the scenes and rebuilding and repopulating Arkham Asylum one victory at a time. He begins to follow Bruce's footsteps by pushing his allies away--a more mature Spoiler, a lonely Batgirl, even Alfred whom he feels can't stop viewing him as the teenage sidekick. But being more introspective and self-critical than anyone, Tim realizes he cannot keep this up forever, and at the same time begins finding clues that Batman is alive. He pursues the trail with multiple possibilities; Bruce faked his own death as a test to see how Tim, Dick and Gotham in general exist without him, or else he is alive somewhere with no memory of his previous existence (due to Darkseid's Omega sanction). Tim finds him and convinces him to return, either by painfully and unwillingly reminding him of past tragedies, or by having passed Bruce's test with flying colors. Bruce Wayne returns as Batman.

Teen Titans:

The really lame new line-up fares horribly in their first big outing, with Aquagirl's powers sucked away by a villain, Bombshell's metal hide melted, and Kid Eternity's supergay 80s costume ruined by a rogue cup of coffee. Cassie disbands them and recruits a new team; Spoiler, Zatarra (who is more inclined to heroics after his forced stay in the Dark Side Club), Kid Devil (cause he's grown on me and is buds with Zat), Speedy, Ravager and Bart Allen (who is somehow alive by then.) Together they bring the Titans back to basics, patrolling San Fran, monitoring metahuman activity, and overall being more proactive, with a few team-ups with their predecessors thrown in the mix. After Robin resumes his duties as Robin, Tim returns and tensions arise over leadership with Cassie and romance with Spoiler, who eventually leaves. Reunited, Tim Cassie and Bart endeavor to resurrect Connor, knowing there will be consequences but not caring.

Young X-Men:

Anole goes to a Gay Rights' group and is blinded by their welcoming nature, until their protests against a Church and some talk radio hosts gets violent, and he stands up for the rights of those he personally opposes to be safely heard. The experience matures him, and he designs actual costumes for his team and assumes leadership, telling Dani and Bobby that they don't need them anymore. (Leading to a New Mutants reunion, and a new X-team under Cannonball's leadership.) Him and Graymalkin begin an almost Victorian courtship, with some flirting and shyness and savage fighting for each other in battles. Cyclops deems it necessary for them to have at least one adult supervising, and Anole chooses Northstar, who brings Noriko and Mercury into the mix, and gets rid of the once-powerful now-powerless Ink.

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