Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Viva Cuba. Viva Venezuela."

Sean Penn goes to Venezuela to speak (some more) with Hugo Chavez and Cuba for Raul Castro. He brings along Douglas Brinkley and Christopher Hitchens to "balance any perceived bias" in Penn's writing. Then he ditches them for the one-on-one money interview with Raul. Warning, it's very long (I freely admit to skimming and stopping before the end,) but good for a few laughs if you're in an untouchable mood, mostly when he extols the capable leaders.

Conversations with Chavez and Castro

Further links for the unflappable:

Protest Photos
Kudlow on Obama Dinner
State Senator of NY, Hiram Monserrate


  1. Nice blog.
    I've just read the whole thing and I give a hearty yes vote to everything you've said (except Primeval. Sure it's Dr. Who meets the X-files but I've grown rather fond of it.)


  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate it. Glad I'm not just writing to myself heh, though I guess thats partly the point.

    Sorry bout Primeval. I kinda watched them all in one sitting, and I liked the main guy, as well as Abby, and the hot 2nd-in-charge hunter dude, but I felt like nothing ever happened with them or Helen. And then when things with the bureaucratic chick got sweet they retconned her entire personality.
    And then the hunter guy got eaten right?

    Maybe I'll still give it a chance. I've been less patient lately, but theres a new season starting yes?

    Have you seen Demons? I watched half of the pilot, but got sidetrack and didn't feel like getting back to it. If you think its worth a second attempt, I'll trust you. Mostly cause you already agree with me so its a safe bet.

    If you have a blog or something id love to see it.

  3. Super disappointed at "Hitch"...