Monday, January 26, 2009

Appropriate Money Management

Los Angeles based decorator Michael Smith was responsible for the 1.2 million dollar renovation done to the Merrill Lynch executive suite. The pricey decoration came under fire by the media after Merrill's public downfall and bailout, despite occurring before the crisis and in a completely capitalistic manner, and also incurred the criticism of President Obama.

Government should pay more attention, said Obama, to companies “that have received taxpayer assistance then going out and renovating bathrooms or offices or in other ways not managing those dollars appropriately.”

As for the decoration of the White House, the Obamas have chosen Michael Smith for the high profile job.

Yes, the same exact Michael Smith, who will supply both the designer black pots and the Swedish engineered black kettles.

1 comment:

  1. The Merrill Lynch office is not being redecorated with TARP money. Even if it were, what business is this of the country's CEO to micromanage private companies and their bathroom fixtures? It is utterly preposterous. It was the same with Carter who personally took care of White House tennis court schedule. Where do we find those people?
    The truth however is that ML spends their own money, earned and contracted way before the TARP business hit the town. Obamas' renovation will be done on taxpayers' nickel. That's us, kids! And don't we know sweet Michelle's expensive taste?
    You cannot make this stuff up!