Monday, January 26, 2009

Repentant? I don't know what that means has an interview with Bill Ayers in which he confesses to not being religious, opposing the war in Iraq, and not watching Fox news.

It's a real eye opener.


-John McCain is the actual terrorist, not him
-Final questions about Detroit Police bombings which Ayers doth protest a whole lot. I’m still puzzled by the unrepetent[sic] terrorist label (that dogged Ayers during the campaign).

Ayers: What does that mean? Who thinks these things up? What does that possibily mean? They’re plain English words. I think we both understand them.

Ayers: Well I’m not a religious person so repentent[sic] is a little bit hard for me. So make it unapologetic.

Send your kids to University of Illinois at Chicago today! We take vocabulary sorta seriously.


  1. Bill Ayers is nothing but Timothy McVeigh who managed to beat the rap and has better English. If Bush or Romney or McCain were friends with Timmy - Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich and Pinch would have died of apoplectic fits. An expert on education, forsooth!

  2. How come "an English professor" has difficulties with the word "repentant"? Or is it just a classic Clintonian prevarication?