Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rush Rises to the Top

President Obama was quoted during a meeting with GOP leaders in the White House to discuss the stimulus bill advising them that the path to change included dropping some excess baggage along the way.

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

Has he ever actually listened to Rush? (I sincerely hope the GOP leaders do.) Cause Limbaugh has been giving Obamacles some rather solid and consistent advice, advice he's willing to personally present no less. Advice that includes suspending the payroll tax for a couple months, doing things to encourage the usual American industriousness rather than lack thereof, and calmly enduring the recession without extending it (a la FDR.)

Using Rush's name as the euphemism for Right Wing Radical Lunacy that it has become for liberals only proves Obama's massive inexperience and obvious jitters during his early days in office. His attempts to get nods, approvals, "seriously"s and Amens, are weak and easy, as per usual, but I will take it as Rush has (deservedly) risen to greater heights of attention these past weeks than he usually did during Bush's term.

Drudge calls it a "New Media War" which it could very well be if Obama decides to sign another Sovereign--er, Executive Order that imposes the Fairness Doctrine. As for now its mostly good press, and plainly shows some impatience and mediocrity in a usually calm and nonreactive persona.

In other words, Long Live Limbaugh.

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  1. Can 20 million viewers be wrong? Rush's audience is in addition to its gynormous number considered the most educated and sophisticated. Kudos to you, C.E., for recognizing it and stating it so eloquently. Rare in your generation.