Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Senile Stan Lee Won't Stop Trying

According to The Sun Stan Lee, legen-dary creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, etc. etc. has created a new gay superhero, or according to the reporter, the "world's first gay superhero." At the fresh, spritely age of 86 Mr. Lee doesn't seem to realize that not only do several gay superheroes exist, some of his own dear creations have welcomed homo-heroes into their ranks, or else been re-written in alternate yet valid universes as very very, completely, gay.

Adding injury to insult, Lee has admittedly stolen the character from the "book" Hero, by Perry Moore (the anti-homophobia crusader discussed in a previous gay-themed post.)

Not only is it unoriginal, twice over, but he is shooting an hour-long television appearance to unveil the character. I'm not completely sure how that will work, but I do know that if Lee insists on 'multimedia' he should stick to cameos in Marvel produced films.

Or else go make partners with some more coke-head frauds, and give the Clintons some more money.

In short, it sounds like a bore and a disgrace, and I am left with only one conclusion: as you age, you lose the ability to edit your own ideas, or those that are pitched to you. (Suddenly explains why McCain was our nominee.)

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