Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Final Update: Rush In Washington

Maharushi has spoken.

He did not dine with Krauthammer, Will, and Obama last night.

Having forgotten on Monday to warn us of his absence on Tuesday, Rush used Jason Lewis to play the prank of mentioning a 'secret meeting in Washington' on the air.

The secret meeting was in fact a farewell lunch to which he was invited by Bush, and in which he dipped his napkin into the ranch dressing ("This is the White House Limbaugh! Get your act together man!") and then received a birthday cake and song, with a chocolate microphone and a touched, beet-face red Rush Limbaugh wishing his parents were alive to see this.

After lunch he attended the medal of freedom award ceremony, in a large room where Colin Powell noticed him the moment he walked in. "I just looked at him, and he looked at me..and I just looked at him..." and then proceeded to laugh and get along with everyone Powell had advised to stop listening to his show.

Repeatedly prophetic and deeply wise, I do not resent Rush's spin at all, despite my first instincts. The questions remain; what was the Obama/Punditry soiree about? What was the conversation? And why not invite Rush, considering the other guests?

I'd come up with some more questions, but he's back from commercial.

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