Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rush In Washington?

Turning on the EIB network at noon, imagine my surprise when Jason Lewis starts talking ten minutes later. "Oh great, another fill-in day. How many is that since December?" I whine silently to myself. But his first talking point is the last-minute scheduling change.

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh proposed a bail-out of the rich to revive the economy, based on his own views and the reporting of the APObama. He boldly stated he would be happy to present the plan to Obama himself.

And he just flew off to Washington, according to Jason Lewis.

Is he really having a sit-down with Barry? Is it a PR stunt to promote Obama's 'alternate viewpoints' bull? Or is Bush doing some last-week-farewell-parade honoring of El Rushbo?

Speculation abounds. I say he's taking over. (VP suggestion below.)

But at least DC is a little bit saner for a few hours.

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