Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sharp Elbows

The media after Obama chooses Rahm Emmanuel as his chief of staff:

CHETRY: Rahm Emanuel, a Washington veteran known for sharp elbows.

REID: A masterful politician with very sharp elbows.

SCARBOROUGH: Sharp political elbows.

CARD: I hope he takes his partisan elbows and keeps them close by to his body.

BROWNSTEIN: He has sharp political instincts and sharp elbows.

BROWN: You mentioned sharp elbows.

YELLIN: A reputation for sharp elbows.

Google "sharp elbow rahm" and you'll find even more.
They sure love that term now:

"Compared to the sharp-elbowed style common among New York politicians, [Caroline] Kennedy's personality in a series of recent media interviews has seemed quiet, soft-spoken."
-from the AP

Do they actually have any writers on staff? Or does
one team do the bullet points for all the networks? It's like sophomore chemistry class; Mr. Kochanev received multiple copies of the same exact lab, printed in different fonts. Only he saw through it pretty quickly (senility and all), so why can't America?

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