Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Should I Sell the Sizzle or the Steak?

In Brothers and Sisters Calista Flockhart's quasi-conservative character, whom they have served up as an alter-Ann Coulter by mimicking her interviews (such as first season's practically verbatim Canadian Vietnam Vets controversy) happens to be heavily promoting a book this week, and when choosing an outfit ponders whether she should sell the "sizzle or the steak."

The noble, liberal lioness Sally Field responds:

"Honey, it's demeaning to refer to yourself as beef.

But if you want to sell books sizzle. I mean look at Ann Coulter, she sells millions of books and believe me there ain't no protein in that package."

Is it just me, or is that fairly gross? The episode continues to use Kitty as a political symbol, casting her in turns as tactless, arrogant, misunderstood, and finally, kind of right about everything. I've long suspected there is a lone republican voice in that writing room, and though either his views are McCain-like conservatism, or the other writers water it down, it's nice to hope one exists in Hollywood who doesn't work for 24.

Still, it seems there's a way to blindside the FCC; use Ann Coulter's name and you can be as vulgar as you want.

In other fictional political news, Calista's Republican Senator husband is following up a failed Presidential bid with machinations to be Governor of the great state of California. I imagine Rob Lowe's Republicanism would still beat out Arnold's, even with Kevin Walker as the token gay democrat pawn of the campaign.

Keep Watching? Pshh. (That means "Yes, but don't admit it.")

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